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Engineers looking at equipment
Aug 01,2015

Custom Magnetics and Transformers

Our experienced design engineers are ready to discuss your application in detail. We will recommend utilizing one of our standard catalog transformers, or if better suited, a modified standard catalog transformer. We are also capable of building a custom unit[...]
MCI Transformer Corporation transformers
Jun 20,2015

Experience and Product Knowledge Go a Long Way

At MCI Transformer Corporation, our experienced design engineers are always ready to discuss your application in detail. Let us help you select the best product for your particular application. In some cases, the best choice will be to use one[...]
MCI Transformer Corporation products
Apr 20,2015

Future Forecasts of Smarter Transformer Grids in Digital Age

The transformer industry will be rapidly changing into smarter transformer grids. Estimates of the transformer market is expected to grow from $113 million in 2012 to $755 million in 2020. Utilities are beginning to notice the landscape of new[...]
MCI Transformer Corporation 4-24 Series UL Class 2 Transformer
Feb 26,2015

Recognizing Safety Agency Certifications

MCI Transformer maintains an extensive inventory of Horizontal, Vertical, and Low Profile printed circuit board transformers and quick-connect Power Transformers, all of which are recognized or listed to various safety agency standards including Underwriter Laboratories UL1585-1, UL1585-2, UL1585-3, UL2601-1, UL2097[...]
Electronic device
Feb 26,2015

Basic Power Supply: An Outline

MCI Transformer’s Design Engineers are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have regarding power supply, from unregulated linear to switch mode. Let’s take a look at the four basic power supplies.[...]
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