Aug 28,2017

Power Supply Basics – Part 1: Unregulated Linear and Regulated Linear

In its simplest definition, power supply is an electrical circuit that converts some form of energy into electrical energy, providing power to any electronic device. There are typically four types of power supplies[...]
Transformers in application
Jul 10,2017

Why are Transformer Insulation System Ratings Important?

Just like any other device that uses electricity, transformers produce waste heat as a by-product of their operation. This heat generated in the process typically increases the internal temperature of the transformer—something that happens when the average temperature of the[...]
Feb 16,2017

Specifying the Proper Transformer for Medical Electronic Devices

The international regulatory standards governing the specifications of electronic equipment have distinct guidelines for transformers, especially those needed for medical electronic products. Because these transformers are designed to protect caregivers, patients and the equipment used in their care, they are[...]
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